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Data security is our speciality
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We are also ISO 27001 accredited
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GDPR Compliance

League.Exchange ensures your athletes records are kept securely and in a way that is compliant with GDPR. League.Exchange has a record keeping module which provides auditing and handles subject access requests by your organisation s internal and external contributors.

For additional clarity:

League.Exchange knows where your data is held
You can access, edit and delete your data
Your data is portable
You have control over the people that have access to your data

Security Features

As well as providing robust data encryption in transit, in use and at rest, League.Exchange complies with advanced compliance and assurance programs and of course with the prevailing legislation.

Some of the thinking that League.Exchange has employed:

Registered with the Data Commissioner s Office under the Data Protection Act (2018)
Security of data in transit: HTTPS / SHA 256 with RSA, TLS 1.2 encryption
Security of data at rest: AES 256-bit server file based encryption, VPC
Servers audited under ISO 27001:2013, AICPA SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 and PCI DSS

External Penetration Testing

League.Exchange commits to carrying out external penetration testing. This is an authorised simulated cyberattack on the League.Exchange platform performed to evaluate the overall security of the system. The test is designed to identify vulnerabilities and can include the potential for unauthorised users to gain access to the League.Exchange system, features and data.


Multi factor authentication each time you login means you don't have to rely on private passwords or social logins to store sensitive transaction information. Your private control panel shows a history of the devices, times and locations that have accessed your account so unexpected activity can be flagged immediately. No need to increase the security risk by printing out documents and leave the days of storing hard copies in filing cabinets behind. Store all your documents securely in the cloud and use eSignatures that complies with EU-wide eIDAS Regulation.

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