Transaction rooms

Transact in a secure, digitally walled environment. Invite participants to see either all documents or just those they need to. Get agreement on heads of terms quickly. Get legally binding digital signatures. Communicate privately and securely within the room, either directly or in groups.

Start transactions with predefined documents and term sheets with a few clicks. Repeatable transactions can be started with a group of templates. Reusable clauses can be inserted directly from your clause library.

The end-to-end digital space helps your organization to close commercial agreements faster and more efficiently. Reduce your reliance on phone calls and emails. Prompt participants to get tasks done on time.

League.Exchange’s transaction rooms are simple to use. They ensure everyone in your organization can initiate, negotiate and close their deals efficiently.

All with just a few clicks on League.Exchange’s simple to use Sports Administration Platform.

Start transactions from your library

Reduce mistakes and speed up frequent transactions with a predefined collection of templates. All transactions relate back to an athlete, making checking the smaller details easier. Reuse legal clauses predefined by your lawyer in any of the documents.

Never miss a thing

The transaction activity feed highlights all previous transaction activity, in order and with completion statuses. The project management tool signals next steps, so participants always have a clear idea of upcoming and completed tasks.

Invite people to transact

Rapidly invite users to your transaction room and immediately and start negotiating. Choose from five permission types to determine their access level.

Agree heads of terms

Agree all the terms of your transaction before documents are prepared. Be specific in the terms with League.Exchange’s modular terms generator. Track the terms when the agreement is ratified.

Track financial incentives

Create conditional payment triggers. Monitor their progress from a live data source to keep track of significant cash flow movements of your organization. For example, track a footballers goals scored and understand bonus liabilities when targets are met.

Get multiple documents signed

Have participants complete and sign documents from any device with legally binding digital signatures. Track signature completion statuses of each request and view the collated results in your secure transaction room.

Communicate securely

Set up private chat rooms and enable real-time communication with participants to conclude any remaining requirements.

Never lose a transaction

Everything is versioned. All user actions are documents and term sheets can be viewed, any time. The transaction archive provides instant access to all of your organization’s transactions, past and present. They are secure and searchable.

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