Securely trade assets on League.Exchange’s trading platform. List athletes and assets as available for transfer. Set guide prices and payment conditions. Discreetly invite peers and other connections to browse your listings.

Make direct offers to trade and loan athletes. Limit access to who can see your offers of transfer. Vary offers between different contacts.

Receive offers of athlete transfers and loans. Browse open offers. Communicate and negotiate directly with trading clubs.

Combine League.Exchange’s Trading with Transaction Rooms to securely complete agreements. Utilise performance based tracking to clearly definite athlete performance bonuses and reveive alerts when conditions are met.

All within the secure environment of the League.Exchange platform.

Discreatly publish trade offers

Create athlete transfer and asset trade offers on Legue.Exchange. Describe deal parameters and share essential information. Send offers directly and securely to targeted groups of peers and contacts.

Browse and make offers

Browse available transfers and trades. Securely interact, communicate and make offers on available athletes and assets, directly.

Receive and evaluate offers

Review offers, responses and questions from your trade offers. Easily compare and evaluate deal conditions, timings and values. Respond directly.

Securely negotiate

Utilise League.Exchange transaction rooms to progress an offer to a deal. Negotiate and record details of a deal. Invite stakeholders and agree terms.

Sign and complete

Automatically generate documents required for a deal using contract templates. Invite signatories and get contacts signed digitally. Complete deals quickly and securely.

Track post deal financials

Create trade conditions that exist beyond signing. Track conditional payments against athlete performances. Receive notifications when payment conditions are met. Generate financial reports on incoming and outgoing payments.

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