Event management

Manage individual and group events. Create individual events for your athletes. Alternatively create group events for your organization like training sessions and invite the athletes who need to attend and/or their representatives.

Your athletes, guardians and staff get instant event updates on their smartphone devices. Push notifications will ensure their awareness of any important changes to event time or location. Their personal calendars are synchronized and can be checked at any time.

Link events to athlete documents and surveys. Search for documents by event for quick access. View all athletes who attended the event.

League.Exchange’s event management tools are easy to use. Helping your organization create, manage and share the events they need, when they need it.

All with just a few clicks on League.Exchange’s simple to use Sports Administration Platform.

Manage individual events

Ensure your athletes, staff and guardians never miss another appointment. Create individual events for athletes, such a medical appointment or safeguarding meetings.

Manage group events

Create group events for your organization. Track attendance for group events such as training sessions. Invite the athletes who need to attend and/or their representatives, including guardians, agents and medical professionals.

Get an overview of all appointments

View the schedules of all your athletes and staff, side by side in one simple interface. Easily find a time when everyone is free to create that important group event.

Share calendars

Share your athlete calendars with anyone, from parents and guardians to medical professionals. Allow calendar viewers to access all the past and upcoming events. Make it easy for them to keep up to date with athlete commitments.

Sync to smartphone

Athletes and representatives can view all their events in their personal calendar on their smartphone device. Simply email them a calendar link to set up their personal calendar with one click. As new events are added or edited, their calendar updates automatically.

Receive push notifications

Make sure your athletes never miss an event. They receive push notifications when events are added or updated and reminders leading up to the event.

Get updates in your feed

Get updates in your feed with special details of events. Updates, such as time or venue changes, can be viewed at the top of athlete feeds. Easily view the location by following embedded maps links.

Link events to anything

Link events to athlete documents, surveys and other information. Filter documents and surveys by event for quick access. View all athletes who attended the event.

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