Document management

Get all your athlete information in one centralised location. All the documents, questionnaires, notes and events ever associated with your organization’s athletes at your fingertips. Search and retrieve information instantly.

Create reusable document and survey templates. Use the templates to create contracts. Track changes between document versions and review updates instantly.

League.Exchange’s document management tools are simple to use. They ensure everyone in your organization can create, access and store the information they need, when they need it.

All with just a few clicks on League.Exchange’s simple to use Sports Administration Platform.

Get live document updates

No more dragging and dropping documents into unorganized folders in shared drives. League.Exchange updates your athletes’ document folders automatically and in real-time as soon as new information is added by users, taking the legwork out of storing the same documents manually.

Access your documents

All documents and content are indexed, searchable and retrievable in seconds. You can see a complete list of every document belonging to your organization. You can filter those documents by athletes, events and key words.

Get documents signed quickly

Request users to digitally sign documents. Get them signed in minutes with legally binding digital signatures. Order the signatures how you want them. Get signatures digitally witnessed when required. Confirm signatures with email and SMS for higher security.

Make less errors

All document changes are tracked and versioned. Compare changes between any versions, from any time, side by side, line by line. Review highlighted amendments to documents.

Collaborate with colleagues

Invite your colleagues to review unpublished documents before they are sent for digital signing. Request users to complete documents by filling in the specific fields you decide.

Customise your templates

Integrate existing organization documents into your account in minutes or create your own if you prefer. The editor tool makes formatting and branding templates easy.

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