Empower your organization to communicate with players, parents, coaching staff and employees. Focus your communication on individuals, communicate with teams or even your entire organization en masse.

Share your events, game results and news on League.Exchange’s interactive feeds. Configure target groups and batch send information. Interact privately with individuals on direct chat. Send reminders on email and SMS. Log all your communications and review them as needed.

League.Exchange’s multiple communication channels are simple to use. They ensure everyone in your organization has the information they need, when they need it.

All with just a few clicks on League.Exchange’s simple to use Sports Administration Platform.

Message everyone

Contact all the people associated with your athletes in seconds via the Newsfeed. Share videos, images and documents. Keep everyone up to date with organization information, events and news. Update them when there are changes to events. Remind them when they need to digitally sign a document or complete a survey.

Get real time updates

Get notified immediately on your Newsfeed when users complete an action such as signing a form, adding document information or perhaps when you receive contact requests or invitations to manage an athlete.

Communicate event information

Users get updated about event changes in real time on their smart devices. With a few clicks simply push event details, time and location updates directly into users’ personal calendars on their smartphone device. You can even set reminder times and frequencies.

Create groups and message them

Segment users into groups of players, employees or squad parents. These groups can be mixed and contain any users you add to League.Exchange. They all relate to your athletes. Message the groups via multiple communication channels. Recipients may be internal colleagues, a Technical Director, for example, or perhaps external guests such as player agents or parents, invited to see discrete information only.

Message instantly

Need to contact all your users on the morning of changed venue? Message them instantly by SMS or secure and private conversations with your contacts. Keep users always up to date with organization announcements, such as fixture changes, by sending them an SMS from inside your account.

Send reminders

Need users to digitally sign a document or complete a health related survey? Prompt them to complete the necessary actions. Send them automated reminders in their Newsfeed, via email and/or SMS.

Choose your channel

Message users on their smart devices with email, SMS and calendar updates. Also message them via the Newsfeed and from within the application. Access all historical message with a few clicks. They are all related to an athlete.

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