Speed up the completion of any document, survey or upload. Create the document, send it to the people associated with your athletes, gather information, signatures and uploads.

Track progress as information is contributed by users. Save time by not relying on emails or SMS to chase people. Increase efficiency and reduce bottlenecks by immediately identifying the missing link in any document or survey workflow.

League.Exchange’s document and survey request features are simple to use. They ensure everyone in your organization can request, track and review the information they need, when they need it.

All with just a few clicks on League.Exchange’s simple to use Sports Administration Platform.

Monitor progress

The workflow checklist is a useful way for you to hone in on any document or survey workflow and see a complete breakdown of every piece of information and signature added. This highlights workflow bottlenecks, making it easier to rapidly identify delays and meet deadlines on time.

Download and share results

Survey and questionnaire responses are stored automatically and in real-time against the corresponding athlete. Result files can also be downloaded and shared immediately.

Get real time updates

Get updated immediately on your Newsfeed when you receive contact requests or invitations to manage an athlete or when users complete an action such as signing a form or adding document information.

Track signatures

Complete documents from any device with legally binding digital signatures. Track signature completion status of each request you make to your squads and view the collated results in a single location.

Request important documents

Gather digital copies of important documents from athletes and their representatives. Allow users to upload passports, proof of address or proof of ownership. Store the documents securely, access as required and update when they expire.

Review with colleagues

Request discrete information from people inside and/or outside your organization. Direct message them in the context of a document. Gather and review document comments. Request contributions to the document. All before you make the document publicly available.

Interact with experts

Invite external doctors, trainers and other specialists to contribute to highly interactive documents. Have the specialist append continuous progress reports to the document. Keep these private and confidential. Search and filter them by athlete.

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