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Is League.Exchange secure?

Multi factor authentication provides extra protection for your data while the maintenance and backups we regularly perform comply with best practice standards. The approach has earned League.Exchange the ISO:27001 accreditation for information security.

Can I integrate my existing templates?

Absolutely! It takes around 5 minutes for a document to be integrated into League.Exchange. This means future administrative and transaction tasks are streamlined forever.

Can I send out requests to multiple people at the same time?

Yes! The tool guides you through the steps to complete these workflows.

How does League.Exchange streamline workflows?

Users have a personal dashboard highlighting their outstanding tasks. Notifications keep you on track while the project management dashboard monitors progress for individual documents, reports, surveys and upload requests. No more paperwork headaches or unstructured email workflows.

How are transactions optimized?

The transaction management tool guides each participant through the various steps ahead of the deadline. The activity feed and outstanding actions summary means key figures at your organization keep every transaction under control.

How do I ensure data privacy?

You decide what activities organization users are allowed to see and what data they can edit. You can also invite representatives, document collaborators and signatories for discrete workflows.

Is it easy to find my data on League.Exchange?

A search box sits in the menu bar and provides instant access to each athlete’s unique database. Every document, report & contract now 1 click away.

Is there a quick way to transfer data?

A 2-way API provides rapid entry of historic data into your account and also helps you transfer new data out.

Will I need training?

The simple user interfaces mean that onboarding is rapid with no training required for most users. The Resource Hub provides articles and video tutorials while our Support Teams provide additional Onboarding support.

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